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The 12 Week Body Transformation

Why Get The Thigh Gap?

Get those legs into shape!

The leg muscles are the largest muscle groups in the human body by exercising them correctly this is will boost your metabolism and allow for rapid change to occur through out the entire body.

Look great in out fits!

The secret to amazing legs with our inner thigh exercises allows for you to look great in tight jeans, skirts, dresses and so fourth.  By completing the Thigh Gap workout over the 12 weeks your legs and thighs will become better shaped and toned throughout the process.

How Do I Get Started?

The Thigh Gap challenge! Getting started is easy, join now and enter your details.  Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to our Exercise and Meal Plans. Along with video tutorials and support.

We’ll be there with you every step of the way teaching you how to get The Thigh Gap.

What Happens During the 12 Week Program?

Each week you’ll receive all the tools and resources you need to achieve the Thigh Gap.  With a wide range of Meal Plans, complete with Shopping List, Exercise Plans with daily workouts.  The variety in eating and the Thigh Gap exercises in training will always be keep things exciting and challenging.

Debunking myths! “Do I need to starve myself?”

Quite simply the answer is no, our step by step process focuses on targeting the specific muscles groups to tone and shape the thigh muscles accompanied by our healthy nutritional and cardio guide to achieve your ideal results.  The Thigh Gap workout goes into detail for inner thigh exercises and how to get The Thigh Gap.

We’re are health advocates and we have an accountability tracker in the program to you keep you focused and on the correct path.

Are there any shortcuts?

Again the answer is no, if you make the commitment to yourself and commit to the process you will attain a Thigh Gap.  The 12 week thigh gap work out is a mixture of anabolic and catabolic work outs designed to burn fat, tone lean muscle and most importantly intake healthy nutrients so that the body can make the required changes.

What if I’m new at working out?

Thats completely fine, our videos and write ups go in depth on correct technique and level of intensity its completely up to you in terms of how heavy your weights are and how hard you train for cardio.  We recommend initially for weights working at about 70% – 80% max strength so that you’re working the muscle and technique is emphasised.  If you still feel and a bit unsure about training alone we recommend completing the program and with a personal trainer so that you have someone watching over you.

Is Skinny attractive?

Attraction is in the eyes of the beholder and that beholder we believe is yourself! We strong believe is in living and healthy balanced life which includes eating great tasty food, working out and exercising.

What Help Is Available?

Our results Support Crew are with you every step of the way.  The team of qualified personal trainers and health nutrition specialist are experts in their field and are there to answer any question you might have.

What Happens When I Finish?

When you finish your 12 week Round you’ll have the opportunity to take up the 13 – 24 week challenge to push your limits further.